History…or what we know of it …!

La Bellaziere when we acquired it in 2007 .

As you can see, La Bellaziere had been
uninhabited for a good number of years!

Inside, you might recognize the kitchen
(top picture) and the dining-room...

There was a big step between the kitchen
and what is now the den!

The ladder gave access to the hay loft.

And the swimming-pool building
served as storage area for a farm.

Here was what upstairs looked like...

Work! Work! Work!

Start with a new roof!

Then, heating system (under floor) and “new”
floor with old salvaged tiles.

Drilling the wells for the heat-pump was
quite an impressive operation !

It left the area like a battlefield, so it is better
done before you have a lawn !

The house continues its progress, and, by the end of 2010, it has a kitchen, the
bathrooms are well on the way, and . great improvement, now we have a staircase !

Meanwhile, we attack the barn.

By the end of 2010, it also has a roof, with its photo-
voltaic panels, and doors and windows are starting to fill the holes.

With activity all around, a dove decides that
above the future swimming-pool is the ideal
place for a nest . yes, we did wait for the
young to fly out of there!

Meanwhile, the vine produces
grapes (how could it ever sur-
vive, buried as it was under a
pile of stones and rubble??)
and the little pear tree produces a bumper crop.

Lots of landscaping was needed, but . miracle . grass grows in August 2011!

La Bellaziere opened its doors to visitors for the 2013 season.